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Tailgate Social Rules

Beer Pong Rules


No minimum team requirement

No gender requirement

Must be 21 years of age or older to play

Participants may play with or without BEER in hand (their choice) - but all participants will pour WATER in cups

No Uniform requirement


 All players are to conduct themselves in a manner respectful to other players, referees, and the sport of Beer Pong. Unacceptable conduct will result in immediate action, to be applied by permanent expulsion from The Leagues Beer Pong league. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to, fighting, abuse of opposing team, unreasonably throwing balls at opponents, abuse of other players, abuse of beer (excessive spilling), etc.


Start of game is decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors

The winner gets the balls first (throw first), opposing team gets to choose side of table

The teams will alternate both variants after each game as time allows

Starting Cup Formation

10 cups per team

Starting formation is a tight triangle formation (rims touching) pointing towards the opposing side

Must be centered on the table and the back of the rack must be in line with the back edge of table

Cups must not be tilted or leaned against any other surrounding cups

Contents of Cups

Water is used in all cups

No less than 1/3 rd filled but up to half filled

These cups are not for consumption and no person shall be required or encouraged to drink because of any part of the game



The team with first possession will get one (1) shot

Each team will get two (2) shots for each turn thereafter that (one shot per team member)

Grabbing, Swatting, and Fingering

The ball in play may be grabbed or swatted only after it has already contacted a cup, but not while the ball is in the cup

You may not grab or swat before the ball has hit a cup (exception: Bounce Rule)

In the event of payer interference prior to the ball contacting the cup a one-cup penalty will e imposed for the interference chosen by the shooter

Balls may not be interfered with while inside a cup

NO Fingering or Blowing is permitted at any time

Bounce Shots

Players can shoot via bounce

If a bounce shot is made, that cup will count for 2

The defensive team shall choose the second cup that is removed from the game

Bounce shots may be swatted after the ball has contacted the table at least once

Players may catch instead of swatting

Any cups knocked over to swat a bounce will count as made cups and pulled from game

Missed non-bounce shots that ricochet back off the table or any other object, after hitting a cup or rack, or any other object on the table will count as only 1 cup (not 2)


Each team is allotted 2 re-racks per game

Racks must be aligned to the center of the table

When one cup is remaining, the cup shall always be pulled back to be aligned flush with the end of the table and placed in center

Cups that drift out of position may be reformed as a courtesy but only at the request of the shooter

Reformation and re-racks can take place as soon as applicable, even in the middle of a turn

Cups should be removed as soon as they are hit, even I the case where a reformation is not warranted

It is the responsibility of the shooting team to wait until a hit cup is removed to take their next shot. If a team shoots while opposing team is re-racking, re-forming, or moving a cup out of the way it is considered a miss and does not count


NO Rollbacks across the table

If both teams, make both balls the team that just shot get both balls back and both get to shoot again


No part of the individuals body may touch the table

Both feet must be planted

Extension of the arm (or elbow) is permitted on a regulation size table


NOT Permitted

Opposing team may not physically or visually block any of the cups for any period

Ending the Game

Redemptions (or Rebuttal)

As soon as the last cup is hit the opposing team can try and bring the game into overtime

If there are 2 or more cups remaining:

Either player may take the first shot until they miss

Only one player gets to throw or try for the redemption

Must clear all cups

If there is only 1 cup remaining:

Bothplayers get 1 shot each to take into over time

Overtime starts after 1-person hits


Successful redemption results in initiation of a 3-cup overtime

Overtime formation is a tight triangle at the back center of the table

The team that made the last cup first gets the first 2 shots in the first possession in overtime

The same redemption and rollback rules apply during over time


Each team will play 2 25-minute halves

Each game won will count as 1 point

It is the individual players to keep and record score

Any discrepancies may be brought to a League official

Alternate positions/sides after each game

If time runs out in the half or concludes the match; the team with the most cups on their side is declared the winner

Cornhole Rules


No Minimum Requirement

No Gender Requirement

Must be 21 years of age or older

No Uniform requirement except for the following:


Designated pitchers boxes to the left and right of boards

Boards are positioned 27 ft from the front edge to the front edge of the board

Were space is limited this may be slightly adjusted

Cornhole Foul Lines

Front edge of the cornhole board


Start of game is decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors

The winner gets decide to throw first or second

Players alternate pitching bags (one player at a time) until each player has pitched all (4) of their bags

A player must pitch all 4 cornhole bags from their designated pitching box

One foot or appendage must be completely within the pitchers box at the time of release

When pitching players must release the bag before any part of the players body touches the ground beyond the foul line

Each team will play 2 25-minute halves

Each game won (completed at 21 points) will count as 1 point

It is the individual players to keep and record score

Any discrepancies may be brought to a League official

Alternate positions/sides after half

If time runs out in the half or concludes the match; the team with the most points at the time is declared the winner


Each bag that lands directly on the board is worth 1 point

Each bag that goes into the hole is worth 3 points

Cancellation Scoring

The points of one player cancel the points of their opponent

Using this method only one player/team can score in each frame

Bags that hit the ground first and then roll onto the board are not counted (and kicked away prior to the next throw)

No cornhole bags shall be moved before the scoring is determined

If theres a question, freeze everything, and grab a League official

Players are encouraged to pay close attention to the score always and are encouraged to record their score after every frame by writing it down

First team to 21 wins

Bust Ruleis in effect

If a Team exceed the allotted 21 points for the game they will bust back to 15 points

*Reference: American Cornhole Association --

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