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E-Sports Rules

Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • START: 
    • Teams of 2
    • Stock of 5
    • No time limits 
    • NO ITEMS
  • First stage played is always: Final Destination
  • The Winner of the previous round chooses Character Selection Options next: 
    • **If winner chooses "Choose Your Own" - Winner cannot change character. Loser gets to change.
      • Choose Your Own - Winner stays; Loser changes if they'd like
      • Choose Your Opponents - Winning team chooses both opponent's characters first; then opponent chooses
      • Double Blind - All 4 Random
  • The loser of the previous round picks any non-moving stage
  • "Gentleman's Clause"
    • If both teams agree players may choose/play any stage
    • KO = 1 Point
    • Match Win = 5 Points
    • *If previous-round winning team chose "Double Blind" - Scoring doubles (KO = 2 Points, Match Win = 10 Points)
    • **Suicide Rule: If a match ends by both players losing their last stock at the same time due to a Suicide Move (such as Bower's Flying Slam) then the initiator of the suicide move is considered the winner of the match regardless of what the results screen says; an no tie-breaker is played.

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