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Capture The Flag Rules


Suggested 10 on each team

At least 2 of each gender required to always be in play

Must be 21 years of age or older

Cleats are recommended! 


            The playing Field will consist of 3 Zones

The middle zone, or Attack Zone, will be approximately 30 yards and anyones flag may be pulled in this area                

Each Team will have their own Zone approximately 15 yards deep where only their opponents flag will be able to be pulled (effectively this team will be playing Defense). In their own zone will be their Flag and the Prison.


Prior to the start of each game, each team will send up a representative to engage in Rock, Paper, Scissors

The winning representative/team can choose to be either the Home Team (Field First, Bat Last) or the Visiting team (Bat First, Field Last)


Each Team must start behind their Goal Line or in their own territory.

Once the Signal is given on both sides of the field game play will start.

The objective of the Game is to retrieve your Opponents Flag and return to your 15-yard Territory past the Goal Line

Flag Territory: There will be an 8-foot radius of cones surrounding each flag. Only the Offense/Attacker may enter this circle. No Defensive Player may enter.

If Opponent retrieves the flag, but then has their flag-belt pulled, the flag must be immediately dropped, person goes to opponents prison, and the flag does not re-set. It stays where it landed.

*The only exception to this rule is if the Flag is dropped in the same teams territory. Any person of that team may touch the Flag and it will reset back to its original location.

Anyones Flag can be pulled in the Attack Zone. If you have your flags pulled in the Attack Zone you must proceed to your opponents marked Prison.

Prison: Designated area in your territory that will house opponents who have had their flags pulled. They must stay inside of the prison until: A) Someone from their team FREES them by tagging them or B) The game ends

*Said opponent can tag multiple peoples out of prison

*Once Freed; Prisoners must walk with their hands up in the air (flags in hand) back to their own territory and then will be able to play once again

*The Flag Carrier can tag people out of prison


Scoring happens when the opposing team retrieves the flag past their own Goal Line or territory

This signals the round OVER and everything will re-set

You are allowed to throw/pitch back the flag but it must NOT hit the ground.

If the Flag does happen to hit the ground, it must stay there, and cannot be picked up first by the person who threw it or the intended party to catch it.

If both flags are absent; whichever team crosses the line first will win

We will play for 50 minutes straight; each game is worth 1 point.

No play-offs; we play straight through and whatever team has accumulated the most points at the end of the season will win

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